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Build a Powerful, Strong Team

As Vala Afshar puts it, “We are not A TEAM because we work together. WE ARE a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.” 

One of the BEST ways to excel in business and in life is by creating connections through communication. As the number one networking expert in Canada, Jolene is highly skilled at helping groups of people become a proficient and effective team through effective communication.


Corporate Team Building

"A person who feels appreciated will almost ALWAYS do more than what is expected". Through her Online Sessions and In-Person Events, Jolene tackles the daily challenges that every company and organization faces when a diverse group of people comes together for a common goal. By building confidence in speaking as well as an understanding of personality types, be prepared to take your team to the next level. She also facilitates her communication and stress management courses through Edwards Executive Education and Parkland College.

Maximizing leadership & teamwork: Identifying natural strengths while enhancing group dynamics. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Build a successful team with a customized workshop for businesses and sports teams. Jolene focuses on enhancing performance and assisting in the areas of learning or development in order to increase overall productivity. A must for any organization needing a boost to pull together. Half or full-day sessions can be provided on a variety of subjects which are often approved for industry continuing education credits.

Most popular workshops

Communication Styles & Stress Management Course
Presentation Skills Course

Workshops Offered:

  • Communication Styles & Stress Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication & Appreciation Styles

  • Creating Connections / Networking Skills

  • Leadership / Personality Insights

  • Goal Setting / Vision Boarding

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