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Engaging, Powerful, Passionate

One of the BEST ways to excel in business and in life is by creating connections through communication. As the number one networking expert in Canada, Jolene is engaging and passionate in her message. She equips her audiences with real-life tools that can be implemented to bring change to your life immediately.


Professional Speaking

"Focus ALWAYS on the Platinum Rule: Treat others how they would want to be treated". With a deep knowledge of communication styles, Jolene inspires and engages her audience, shining a spotlight on how as a society, we are all individuals, and understanding that individuality is the secret to success in love, friendship, and in business. Her message is that understanding different personality traits and communication styles are the key to creating lasting and powerful human connections. 

As an internationally booked speaker, Jolene focuses on Collaboration and Growth: Keynotes / breakout sessions focusing on 'Creating Connections'. Whether you work with co-workers, in customer service, meet clients, are building a team, or growing a business, Jolene's Keynote talk breaks the barriers that hold us back from connecting with others. Take notes in leadership skills and glean insight into dealing with varied personalities. In addition, Jolene tailors her talks for your specific needs regarding communication styles, personality types, and stress/change management.

Customer Service Excellence

Learn to refresh skills and strengthen loyalty with a fresh approach to customer service that aligns with your goals and your industry. This talk tackles team dynamics, business success, and customer care.

Praise for Customer Service Excellence:

"Jolene Watson is an outstanding presenter that captivates her audience with engaging storytelling and humor. Her expert knowledge of customer service, personality traits, and how to effectively communicate left our team inspired and motivated. Jolene did her research and personalized her presentation for our company which helped the team to fully understand where and how to apply the concepts she covered. Truly inspirational. Highly recommended for any event!"

- Loy Levesque

Operations Manager, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

Most popular topics

Creating Connections: Networking Skills
No Thank You, Forever: Setting Boundaries Through Emotional Regulation
Resiliency in the Workplace: Stress Management
Charismatic Leadership: Employee Retention & Attraction

Topics Focused on Creating Connections:

  • Networking Etiquette 

  • Stress & Change Management

  • Communication Styles

  • Winning Influence / Customer Service

  • Employee Retention & Attraction

  • Leadership & Personality Type

  • Create Connections & Be Seen

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