Across cultures, type distributions in occupations tend to follow the patterns predicted by type. Although individuals of any type can perform any role in an organization, each type tends to gravitate toward particular work, learning, and communication styles. You function best when you can adopt a style that allows you to express your preferences.


When you are forced to use a style over a long period that does not reflect your preferences, inefficiency and burnout may result. Even though you can adopt a different style when needed, you will contribute most when you are using your preferences and drawing on your strengths.




How It Works:


 Before receiving your report you will be

required to fill in a questionnaire online.

 Clarity Coaching & Development will email

you a link and instructions after the

consultation is booked and payment has 

been received. Each inventory/questionnaire

usually takes between 20-40 minutes to





Client Benefits:


Identifying top Career Choices based on Type

Preferred Supervision Style and Work Environment

Preferred Learning Styles

Study Habits and Exam Preparation

Measurement of 17 Personality Traits related to Job Performance

Sources of Career Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

Effective Time Management

Stress Management Strategies

Dealing with Pressure and Stress

Job Interviewing Tips

Identifying and Managing Change




Between $589.00 - $869.00  depending on the combination of reports chosen.

This includes the consultation and interpretation of customized reports.


$150.00- to add on a customized Stress Management report.


**Additional coaching is available at $128.00/hr

Sample Reports: (Click on any report to download a sample)

MBTI® Form M Career Report
MBTI® Step II Form Q Interpretive Report
Canadian Career Interest Profiler Report
Work Personality Index® Career Transitions Report
Career Coaching

Clarity Coaching & Development provides customized career assessments using a combination of MBTI® reports. Through interpreting the various reports the MBTI® Certified Practitioner helps our clients identify their strengths, blind spots, communication styles, learning styles and leadership preferences.


We provide a helpful framework for our clients to increase effectiveness and satisfaction in their current job or to explore new career opportunities to find a career that best fits their type.

MBTI® Certified Practitioner

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